In Studio Moonspell Photography, we offer a wide range of services where we carter to our clients’ preferences and needs. Below is the services that we provide;

Wedding Photography

One of the most important day in our life where we will want to capture every moment of it be it Pre-Wedding PhotographyROM Wedding Photography and Actual Day Photography. Pictures in the best way for us to recall back the sweet memories we had and keep replaying it. Besides, to leave a personal touch towards the photography we do provide Oversea Pre-Wedding Photography as well.


Professional Photography

As for the Professional Photography, it covers a wide range of area which are family photography, pregnant photography, portrait photography, baby photography and even graduation’s photography. The reason behind is because these meaningful day should be recorded by us and you guys just need to sit back and enjoy the whole process.


Interior/ Exterior Photography

Interior Photography is to exhibit the work that the interior designer has done to the place while bringing up the overall feel into a flat perspective while making it interesting. And with the combination of Exterior Photography, great photo can be produced in different perspective.


Event/ Corporate Photography

Event Photography or Corporate Photography helps to ensure each and every event that happened, we promise to deliver the best quality of pictures that help to keep as memories while everyone who attended have fun throughout the event. Also, the pictures will be able to be relieved as timeless glory.


Commercial/ Product Photography

Besides, we help to take Commercial/Product Photography for commercial usage. Where it is used for advert, merchandising and product placement such as in brochures and leaflets, menu in cafes and restaurants and even to promote service or products.


Videography/ Cinematography

Videography helps to capture the moving images of the event and enable us to stream and distribute them to the audiences. Or we can combine both science and art into creating a motion-picture photography, Cinematography.


Invitation Cards

What is more personal than receiving a personalised invitation cards that is custom made for your event? We provide service whereby your Invitation Cards will be crafted according to the event and will be creating bundle of it.


Wedding Gown Rental

Afraid of over budget? Unable to find the right type of wedding gown? Afraid of delayed shipment? No worries. In Studio Moonspell Photography, we got you covered! Rest assured as we are able to provide you Wedding Gown Rental service that you will look the prettiest on your wedding day!